Intellectual property strategy

Intellectual Property (IP) assets can enhance competitive advantage, attract investors and add to the value of your business. It can also be an important part of your defence and offense strategy. Make sure you don’t get burnt.

What types of Intellectual Property (IP) are there?


Patents provide exclusive legal right to commercially exploit a unique invention (e.g. process or technology).  Have you patented:

  • unique processes or inventions

Design registration

Design registration can legally protect the visual appearance of a product. Have you registered:

  • the visual appearance of your product
  • key shapes of your product or packaging

Trade secrets

Trade secrets include items such as formulae, contact lists and suppliers. 


Copyright only covers certain things, but it’s worth directly asking your designer and your photographer who owns your material.  See also:


Trade marks can legally protect a combination of word, images, shapes, smell and colour.  Have you trademarked:

  • your business or company name
  • your product or brand names
  • your slogans or key phrases
  • your logo or key graphics
  • key design elements
  • specific smells or colours

See also:

Does intellectual property have value?

Yes, if it has commercial value. Intellectual property (IP) assets can increase valuation particularly when company valuation is involved, such as:

  • listing on the stock exchange (Initial Public Offering (IPO))
  • private investors
  • acquisition

I’m only just starting

That’s ok. This is a great time to get things right. 

  • before you register your business or company name.
  • before you register your domain name.
  • before you register trade marks.
  • before naming products or services.

Make sure you don’t get burnt. Contact Creative Passion to discuss the design & protection of your intellectual property.