Love your graphic design

Your reputation is built from what people see and hear, and this certainly includes your printed material design. It should:

  • be appropriate to the audience
  • be consistently applied to maximise recognition (reinforce your brand identity)
  • represent your products, services and culture
  • clearly identify your key point/s of difference
  • identify and be attractive to your target market
  • delineate your product/s and service/s from your competitors

Contact Creative Passion® to discuss your brand with experienced and professional graphic designers.

Design experience

Our print design experience over the past 30 years has involved:

  • stationery (letterheads, business cards, with compliments, envelopes)
  • forms
  • brochures and fliers
  • newsletters
  • annual reports and reports
  • posters
  • invitations
  • customised promotional folders
  • prospectus material
  • booklets
  • CDs
  • christmas cards
  • menus
  • postcards
  • ticketing

Print production

Print design projects start with creative concepts, development and finalisation of artwork, and then selection of paper stock and specifications. If desired we can also manage print and distribution for you.

Our diverse experience with different types of printing means that we understand the manufacturing process and can use it to your advantage:

  • lithographic, digital, pad and screen printing
  • flexo and digital labels
  • letter-cut and printed vinyl
University of Queensland
  • Logo design
  • Annual report design
John Croft Design
  • Logo design
  • Print design
  • Web design
Carramar Consulting
  • Logo design
  • Print design
  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Advertisement design
  • Print design
Boss Gardenscapes
  • Logo design
  • Stationery design
  • Vehicle signage design
  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • Price list design
  • Print design
  • Brochure design
  • Copywriting
Lindsay Adams
  • Logo design
  • Caricature design
  • Print design
  • Stationery design
Hale Shepherd
  • Logo design
  • Prospectus design
  • Tradeshow design
  • Infographic design
  • Form design
Rainforest Bounty
  • Print design
  • Jar and bottle label (packaging) design