Who owns copyright of my brand logo, graphics, copy and photos?

copyright protection

You need to ask your designer, photographer, copywriter and illustrator about copyright when they work for you. And you need it in writing.

Designers might assign copyright automatically or licence it for one-off use or charge you for it. It’s worth knowing!

Does copyright protect my logo, product name or business name?

Copyright is automatic in Australia, but it won’t always protect you. Copyright protects writing, music, still images, moving images, computer programs and recorded sounds… but this won’t stop someone from independently contriving the same/similar words or music or images.

Australian Copyright Council

Are your assets protected?

Trademark design and trademark registration are great ways to protect your business names, product names, taglines, images, packaging, colour, sounds, smells, or a combination.  Have a chat to us about how we can help protects your brand assets.