Quality, convenience or price?

Quality convenience or price $99 vasectomy

It’s vital that you tailor promotions to leverage customer motives. Put simply, their motives will get their attention and encourage them to buy.

Let’s forget about design, and just concentrate on the message on the above banner’s message for a minute…

This banner outside a local hospital missed the motives of most prospective clients. I’d suggest that for most prospective clients, that quality and convenience motives (such as the following) are likely to be more important to prospective clients than price:

  • Is this reversible surgery?
  • Is anaesthetic or pain relief included?
  • Is the surgeon a specialist in this area?
  • Is the surgery invasive?
  • Does the surgery take long?
  • How long will I need off work?

Another example

Pizza box packaging

The three traditional selling propositions are quality, convenience and price. And whether you like it or not, most successful businesses focus mainly on one or two of these… but certainly not all three.

The pizza industry is a great way to explain the difference:


  • Best pizza.
  • Gourmet pizza.
  • Best variety in town.
  • Great client service.


  • Delivers to you.
  • Opening hours.
  • Convenient location.
  • Online ordering.


  • Cheapest pizza in town.
  • Cheapest bundle deals.

If you adopt price as your sole selling proposition, then may God had mercy on your soul. That’s because all competitors have to do is offer a cheaper price. And it’s difficult model to sustain, unless you own a patent or something which competitors can’t copy or beat.

The 1990s Australian pizza wars revolved around price with 2-for-1 deals and coupons. And the bottom line is that you can only reduce costs/quality/services so far before you lose customers or go broke.

Nowadays new competitors and even traditional pizza shops are competing on quality and convenience with toppings, different crusts and custom pizzas.

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