Should my website be https (SSL)?

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Google ranking

A few years ago Google announced that websites which use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption (https rather than http) will rank higher in their search algorithms. So for many of our clients, the choice to pay for a security certificate is a no-brainer. But note that SSL is only one signal in Google’s algorithm – it won’t replace the need for websites to have quality content.

Basically https makes life harder for hackers because it scrambles data, which is especially good if public wireless networks are being used (where unencrypted information can be seen).

Keep your website secure

If you have a shopping cart or forum, then you have important information to keep secure. Credit card numbers, passwords, expiry dates, addresses and other private information of your customers and prospective customers are imperative to encrypt.

But if you have a basic website and you don’t rely on Google searches to send you business, then you might think SSL isn’t important. But how about when your client (or prospective client) inputs their information into a contact form on your website. Do you want hackers to receive or tamper with this information?

Keep your own data secure

Do you want hackers to learn information about you or collect your data?

Next time you’re doing a search on the Internet, think about whether you want someone else seeing your searches, search suggestions and search results.

Even typing your details into a contact form… check that the site is https. It’s not an absolute guarantee (because security certificates can be flawed) but it’s a darnside better than nothing.