The difference between WordPress builders and custom builds

I often get asked to explain the difference between websites created with builders and custom-built WordPress sites… so here’s a basic explanation.

The benefit of builders is that people with relatively little experience can create pages, and modify the layout of a page or add features like a map or a photo carousel or video.  Watch the video below to learn the benefits of custom-built sites (custom designed theme, custom post types and custom fields) versus the trade-offs of WordPress builders (Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin or WPBakery).

We create both types of WordPress sites for clients.  Please contact us or call 3366 8166 if you’d like to discuss your needs.

Disclosure: The example shown in the enclosed video demonstrates one page of the site only.  The pages compared are hosted on the same server, they use the same cache plugin and the images have not been optimised on the custom-built site.  So the page speed improvement between the two pages is solely created by the HTML, PHP and CSS generated by our developer and by removing some plugins.