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example of a responsive website on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Website responsiveness

Your target market wants to know about your products and services 24/7, and they don't all use desktops anymore.

Even though the majority of web traffic is still via laptops and desktops, the marketshare of tablets and mobile web traffic has grown remarkably and is predicted to overtake laptops and desktops within 5 or so years.

This is being led by the fact that most phones sold nowadays are web-enabled. In addition, web traffic on tablets has overtaken smartphones. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that they have bigger screens and processors, so they're easier and faster to use.

So your target market now searches your website using a plethora of devices. Not only that, these desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones aren't standard screen sizes. So your website needs to adapt to suit whatever size screen they use, and this is where responsive website design comes in.

Being responsive isn't about simply scaling the website. Proper responsiveness means if you rotate a tablet from landscape to portrait orientation, the website will automatically optimise the graphics and text shown and even adopt simplified menus when necessary. It can even include different interaction, like photo slideshows which allow the user to slide the photos on mobiles and tablets. But most importantly, the font sizes, graphic sizes, photo sizes and layout (particularly columns) should adjust, so that the site is optimised to suit any media and any screen orientation.

Responsive sites and even modify the actual text and images shown. So for instance in order to make a layout more legible on a mobile device, certain images might be removed, swapped and even custom text might be adopted.

Although this customisation can help people with smaller devices to enjoy their experience better by the adjustment of layout and removal of content, it's important to remember that that you shouldn't drastically modify the design or content for different devices. This is because some people perform impulsive searches and initial research on tablets and mobiles, and they then use a desktop to learn more or finalise the transaction. So some design, layout and content needs to be consistent.


The successful application of technical skill needs to be balanced with the design and functionality of your project... without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Custom design & development

We don't believe that "one size fits all". Instead we lovingly and strategically hand-craft the creative direction, functionality and structure of sites. Your business is unique and we build websites to reflect that individuality.

Your web requirements

Let us know your objectives. They should be specific, such as:

Email marketing

Email marketing campaigns such as electronic newsletters can be done via a mailing list system. If set up properly, they can automate and streamline the process, and provide detailed statistics... far superior to anything which can be manually achieved using a standard program such as Outlook.

Email marketing with Creative Passion


From very early on, Creative Passion made a huge effort to understand our brief and to execute it accordingly. Creative Passion proved to be a very professional company to deal with on all levels from initial clarification of brief through to the final stages of co-ordinating the web design with the search optimisation process. They were always extremely approachable and efficient, always welcoming our input and any alterations we wanted to make without ever making it seem like a hassle.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Creative Passion, they have achieved exactly what we had originally envisioned. It doesn't surprise us that we have already had people ask for their details for future projects.

Interior Designer, John Croft Design

A big thanks to Creative Passion for setting up my fantastic website. My new business has increased as a direct result of the website and their help with my Facebook page. I would recommend Creative Passion to anyone looking to setup a new website, upgrade their existing one or for networking!!!

Owner, Bohobello