Does my WordPress site need regular maintenance?

The real questions are: if your website breaks, how expensive will repairs be, how long will it take to repair, and can you afford to lose business for days or weeks while it’s restored or fixed?

Here’s a simple analogy: If you don’t get your car serviced, then something will eventually go wrong.  It may cause an accident or cause more expensive repairs, and it won’t happen when you expect it.  And even if you do get your car serviced, it doesn’t mean that one of the parts won’t break. Websites have many working parts: PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress core, theme and plugins which can conflict with each other, and hackers are constantly finding ways to exploit them. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance.

Does my website really need maintenance?

If you have a shopping cart, online bookings, vital information and/or contact forms which bring you leads, then multiple offsite backups and monthly maintenance are vital. 

And even if you have a simple information website, then your business can still be affected.  Can you afford to lose business for a week or more while it is fixed? In this case, maybe offsite backups and quarterly maintenance might do the trick. 

Can I do website maintenance myself?

Updating PHP, WordPress core and plugins is not as simple as clicking an update button (oh, how we wish it was).  Each of these can conflict with each other. 

Other optimisation

Depending on your needs, we can also offer uptime monitoring, extensive backups, security and malware scans, premium caching and on-site optimisation to improve the speed of your site.


WordPress maintenance doesn’t guarantee that your site won’t have problems… but it does reduce the chance of problems and improve recovery speed.  Please contact us or call 3366 8166 to discuss your needs.

Regular website maintenance