“Like us on Facebook” is useless

Like us on Facebook signage

First of all, the headline isn’t “Facebook is useless”. Instead it’s talking about the phrase “Find us on Facebook” which is frequently used to promote Facebook pages.

The problem with “Find us on Facebook” is that it lacks a real call to action. And “Like us on Facebook” is only slightly better.

To be blunt, these phrases give the reader no motivation or incentive. Let’s face it, everyone wants to know “what’s in it for me” (also known as “WIIFM”), and both of these phrases fail to leverage how the user can benefit.

Any copywriter, designer or marketing person worth their weight in peanuts understands the principle of WIIFM. In fact anyone who runs a business should know this basic marketing principle.

In addition, a call to action (CTA) is a perfect way to inform and encourage users to take a particular action.

Let’s be clear that not every business can choose the alternatives below. It depends on your industry and what products/services you offer. Below are a few suggestions. Basically you want to inspire followers and give them the follow through with the action as well.


  • Like us on Facebook for special offers.
  • Like our Facebook page to keep up to date.

Ask questions

  • Want to book first? Like us on Facebook.

Provide information

  • Like our Facebook page for updates on our products.


  • We’d love your feedback. Like us on Facebook.
  • Keep in touch. Like us on Facebook.

Social plugins

Of course there are the standard “Like” and “Send” buttons, but Facebook now offers a plethora of plugins including subscribe, comments, activity feed, recommendations, login, registration and photos of users who like your page. But just remember that you probably want to include WIIFM and CTA.


Well designed graphics can include a call to action. But be aware that Facebook has specific guidelines, such as:

  • how the Facebook logo and “f” logo appear;
  • don’t suggest you’re a partner, associate or endorsed by Facebook.
  • We just created a Pinterest account, click her to follow us! (link)A stronger post would be: Are you a DIYer? If yes, follow us on Pinterest! We just posted some great tutorials for some weekend DIY projects! (link)

So if you’re actively running a Facebook page, then consider how you promote your page.

And most importantly, make sure you have a decent Facebook page (with decent branding) to start with. There’s no point promoting the page if you’re not truly providing something of value.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your Facebook page via your website, signage, printed material or in-store promotions – the same WIIFM principle applies.

Contact Creative Passion if you’d like help using WIIFM – we’d love to help.